An urban tale set in an all too familiar city. Remain 3 survivors of after an everyday apocalypse: Pita, her unborn child, Richard Lowkey, a business man, and Sam.

Pita, Sam and Richard Lowkey, survivors of the nuclear apocalypse

Before and after the Apocalipsis, more preparation drawings by Paco Carrion

WinDar's Theory

Street film created by PAPERGLUEnSCOTCH in 2009, WindDar's Theory is a twist on Darwin's theory of evolution. From Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to monkies in cars the devolution of humanity seems inevitable according to Leschar Windar.

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Paco Carrion

Adam and Eve, witnesses of the Devolution

La Mecanista

La mecanista was created insitu during the Ghent Festival and for MIRAMIRO, a flemish street festival - a day in the life of Lady Underthebridge and her struggle to bring a bit of humanity back to our cities.

Lady UndertheBridge

Farwella Farks

A remastered Princess of the Night version of the Manifesto: Todos Somos Putas, filmed half way between Barcelona and the St Louis Port. These series of films were made for a street art festival of women artists in the South of France. PAPERGLUEnSCOTCH worked primarily on the theme of street prostitution.

Preparation wheat pasting of silk screen prints in Marseille for the Farwella Farks project.

preparation drawings by Paco Carrion of Farwella Farks on the rag.

More silk screen print postering as preparation work for the Women's Street Art Festival in Pt. St. Louis, France. This is a print of a prostitute from 1898 that strangely resembles me and that inspired the character of Farwella Farks.

Publicity-Free Zones

A false billboard add, "Loreal, because I'm worth nothing" was the beginning of a wheat pasting frenzy with the aim to paste false billboards that sold nothing onto real life size billboards. Eventually this process was named "No Publicity Zones"

A twist on Loreal's add, "Loreal, because I'm worth it: Noreal, because I'm not worth anything.

Billboard collages, Berlin

Losing the North

A documentary made for elementary school students in Marseille, France about climate change and Nanook of the South's bad sense of direction.

La Disparition

My first street film from 2007. Disappear, a short visual poem on how things are born and simultaneously pass away in every moment of our daily lives.