Camouflage: DO YOU SEE IT??

A few riddles to solve...Something is hidden in the photos below..One's camouflaged

Keep you eyes open..this one is easy


Décoiffeurs D'Affiches

Les Décoiffeurs D'Affichiches at this very moment are travelling throughout South America, ripping off publicities in Brazil, collecting bus tickets in Paraguay, lottery tickets in Argentina and stripping as many publicity billboards as possible in as many countries as possible. All this material is then recycled and re-organized and reconstructed in the streets to resemble a mish mash of collages or trash like happenings that take on impermanent and shifting forms.

LINK: Les Décoiffeurs D'Affiches is a joint venture, PAPERGLUEnSCOTCH- 10H23... You can also find info @

Frida Kaos, passagem literario, Sao Paolo

Frida Khaos in Cordoba, Argentin

street collage made in Paraguay with ripped street posters collected in Brazil

street collage of a mysterious family photo found in my friend's attic, Rio de Janeiro

A few days later after pasting the mysterious family photo another collage was pasted on top of it...erotic stretet collage in Rio de Janeiro

street workers in Rio were very quick in covering up the erotic all, this billboard had been pasted and repasted 4 times in 2 days,at intervals, by us and by workers (see photos above)

Le Décoiffeur d'Affiches, Auto Portrait Anonyme, pasagem literario, Sao Paolo

Décoiffeur d'Affiches, an encounter with Maria Leo, Guardian of Travellers, at the bus station in Resistencia, Argentina. Maria Leo tells us a bit of her life as we share a coca cola with her. This is the first of a series of recordings that will eventually form an album of Modern Day Saints..

collages of autoportraits made by kids in Rio de Janeiro's skate park

silk screen print on a collage of bus tickets found in the streets of Valparaiso, Chile

Silk screen print of Enrique Lihn, Chilean writer, for a book store in Valparaiso.

M.r Pigeon se fait "pigeonner"

The King of Flying Meese printed on old architecture plans

The Notebook

sketches and ideas and a few notes from my notebook....

relatos de una ama de caza

Collective Trash Installations

Marseille's collective trash installations 2013 is a Dirty The Streets production in collaboration with the Mairie de Marseille. Local artists and neighbourhood associations work together to make modern day fermenting sculptures with city waste.

contemporary trash installations in marseille, Noailles created by local artist, Jili Lenks, and the Marseille Karate CLub.

More collective trash installations in marseille, Noailles, created by Noaille's local baker and local artist, UndertheBridge.

street view of the winning neighbourhood's trash installation, voted best sculpture by the Marseille's mayors office.

Barcelona Police Portraits

Barcelona Police Portraits is a Dirty the Streets production in collaboration with the Catalan Police Force. Police officers willingly posed nude in public spaces around Barcelona to remind people that authority should never be taken too seriously. Their photos were postered around town and a month later local people voted for their favorite police officer.

Joan Masia, Barcelona Police officer since 2001, poses nude in the Rambla. Voted favorite police officer.

Concrete VS Nature

Some Urban Land Art ...just not to forget where we are from.

Leafcatcher, glue on a billboard underneath a tree losing its leaves and alot of patience

urban flower pressing


L'Union démocratique du centre (UDC) est un parti politique suisse d'extreme droite, voici son initiative contre "l'immigration de masse": une affiche inquiétante a tout les coins de rue. Un plaisir a retravailler sur PhotoChop et ensuite placarder dans les rues de Geneve.

L'affiche originale dans les rue de Geneve

l'image PhotoChop

Censored Editions

EDITIONS CENSURéS : commandez vous revues porno chez nous plutot que chez les autres..on a une belle serie qui fait bien bander aux clients et qui marche bien pour des branlette comme nos oeuvres coute si peu..utilisez les pour essuyez vos debordements a la fin....tout est inclus.

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